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3Designer is the foundation of all of Orad's graphics systems, providing content for news, elections, sports events, weather segments, business reports and more. Whatever the format that is required, 3Designer is capable of creating compelling content.

Powerful intelligent templates
The core philosophy of Orad's graphics suite is "create once, use many times". Each scene that is created in 3Designer may have "exported" elements that can be updated dynamically during the production, while other elements remain locked against changes.

3Designer gives the user complete control over which of the elements will be exported, from text content, object position, colours to textures, video and audio sources. During production, all the exported parameters of the scene are available for modification from the controllers, allowing operators to easily update content without requiring extra work from graphics creation.

3Designer can introduce intelligence to the exports by creating connec¬tions between different parameters. For instance; the height and colour of a bar can be set by the value it represents, and by simply changing the value of the bar, the height and colour will automatically change; a full frame table can automatically control the number of visible rows according to the presence of data in each field.

Crunching large volumes of data is also straightforward to implement in 3Designer by using statistical functions on different values. This is especially useful for handling the datasets that are present in financial or election graphics. For instance a single "change" value in a financial template could be used to calculate the percentage change from the previous value, set the direction and colour of an arrow representing a stock's status.

3Designer's easy to use drag and drop interface enables all of the variables to be added, modified and changed quickly without requiring any scripting or programming.

Empowering artists
3Designer templates are composed from an unlimited number of layers. This unique feature is useful when constructing a scene that incorporates both 2D and 3D elements; a dedicated camera is assigned to each layer providing maximum flexibility and control over the scene's elements. Whether the designers are used to working with traditional CG style 2D content or more advanced 3D graphics, 3Designer keeps the workflow easy and efficient. Each layer or scene can also be mapped as a texture on the surface of another object, providing stunning new types of animations and effects that are normally only possible in post-production.

An intuitive object tree allows designers to manage even the most complex scenes easily. Any scene element, from a single object to a complete set of layers can be taken from the object tree to the Orad asset management system and then shared with other artists in the studio.

3Designer also offers extensive text handling that encompasses 2D vector based text, decorated and 3D texts. A unique algorithm was developed to ensure the maximum text quality at any given text size, thus avoiding text blurriness or pixelization even at very high resolutions that are found on a video wall. 3Designer fully supports Unicode and multiple regional language environments, multi-line and multi-style texts, shrink-to-fit, alignment and kerning adjustment.

In order to enhance the level of photorealism, 3Designer is fully equipped with texture and layer blending modes, cubic mapping, multi-textures and shaders such as bump mapping, displacement mapping and other video effects. 3Designer provides an API which allows programmers to write their own shaders and implement them using 3Designer.

User friendly and simple to operate
Running on a conventional PC or laptop, 3Designer is extremely simple and intuitive to use, and employs a common drag and drop interface. The local rendering preview does not require any additional rendering hardware in order to provide a true WYSIWYG view of the graphics while they are being created.

3Designer supports unlimited undo, configurable short cuts and local preview capabilities making corrections to the design template quick and easy. Template animations are created with keyframes and may be edited directly from the timeline by adjusting the keys, or from a dedicated animation window where animation ranges and curves can be set.

Interactive graphic creation
With 3Designer, the designer can easily create and define which elements in a scene are interactive and which interactions can be made. Buttons, menus, sliders, carousels and telestration can all be designed in keeping with the station's look, whilst allowing presenters to conveniently control content on-air.

Logic without programming
3Designer has a unique feature called 'Triggers' which allow artists to create different events that can be triggered within the scene when an animation is played, a value is changed or an interaction received. The triggers themselves can contain an unlimited set of events that play other scene animations, start / stop tickers, or set values for other scene parameters. Everything is described in clear English so there is no programming language that the designer needs to learn in order to start working with the triggers.

Distributed architecture
3Designer scenes and assets can be shared between multiple users. Assets that are created for 3Designer are not bound to a specific scene and can be used in different scenes by multiple users. 3Designer scenes can be stored in Orad's Graphic Asset Management database along with dynamic metadata fields. Once stored in the database other users can invoke searches based on the metadata fields that were assigned. A user rights management system controls the access rights of different users to different assets.

Enhanced workflow with Photoshop, 3D Max studio, After Effects
3Designer smoothly integrates to the graphics creation workflow. 3Designer can retrieve bitmap files from composting applications such as Adobe Photoshop while retaining the original layer and blending structure. Each element is retrieved as a 3Designer file, permitting per layer manipulation and anima¬tion. A "merge" mode also allows importing all Photoshop layers and retrieves them as a single 3Designer layer.

3Designer provides powerful tools for interfacing with 3D modelling software such as 3D Studio Max, Maya and Softimage. Using either the VRML or Collada formats, 3D models along with their animations, textures and materials can be imported and become assets within 3Designer.

The 3Designer After Effects plugin provides a route for transferring content for pre-visualization, promo or online use made in After Effects into 3Designer without the designer needing to recreate all the graphics from scratch. The After Effects plugin supports basic shapes, colours / material, textures, texts, masks, keyframe animations and layer / camera properties.

3Designer offers 3rd party plugins including; Line Graphs and advanced geometry.

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