Weather Prediction System

3DWeather enables the intuitive creation of realistic and captivating real-time 2D and 3D representation of weather forecasts. The tight synergy between Orad's cutting edge broadcast technology and leading weather data providers, enables broadcasters to offer a captivating weather show.

Extensive amount of weather elements
3DWeather offers a wide range of weather elements to cover all meteorological requirements. Weather data such as ISO-thermal, ISO-pressure, ISO-precipitation, satellite and radar image sequences, thunder impacts, synoptic information and a wide range of city weather information can be presented on 2D and 3D maps in real-time. 3D fly-through, animations, and interactive capabilities complete the graphics to achieve a compelling weather show.

Professional weather data
Powered by Orad's WorldMapper with its integration to Microsoft's Bing and NASA's Blue Marble mapping services, 3Designer translates the longitude and latitude coordinates of a loaded map into virtual 3D graphics.

In addition to its integration with Microsoft's Bing and NASA's Blue Marble mapping services and thanks to its open architecture, 3DWeather can be integrated with other weather data providers. Integration has already been implemented for weather data providers such as: Somar (Brazil), Meteo France, Meteo Media (Switzerland), ICI (Hungary), and NMC (China) and others.

Simplifying the weather show
3DWeather is a template based system. It relies on the endless creative capabilities of Orad's authoring software, 3Designer, combined with the performance edge provided by Orad's HDVG+ platform. The station's graphic designers design 2D and 3D graphic templates and animations. These templates are then overlaid with weather data. 3DWeather populates the templates with data and visualizes it in real-time. This methodology frees weather journalists and meteorological specialists at the station from dealing with the graphics' design and creation; enabling them to concentrate on generating the weather show itself. The high quality real-time rendering capabilities of 3DWeather allow users to quickly react to changing conditions and thereby dramatically reduce the time-to-air with up to the second accurate weather data.

Journalist station
3DWeather's show can be produced by the weather journalist from his work station. The Weather Designer control application enables him to control and preview the data before going on air, as well as create his own dedicated weather icons.

High quality maps
3DWeather provides stunning visualizations of real-time flights over 3D terrains, including flights through sunbeams, clouds and rain. By using high quality, geo-referenced maps, the user can easily put multi layered, animated, 3D weather icons over 3D maps. Due to the geo-reference data embedded in the map, the 3DWeather places the weather icons and data automatically in their correct longitude and latitude position on the map.

Integrates with all workflows
Thanks to its modular structure, 3DWeather adapts to any workflow. Whether a 24/7 weather channel based on a newsroom environment or a branding oriented fully automated channel, Orad's 3DWeather solution integrates seamlessly and easily into the existing environment.

Easy to expand
For existing Orad users, the process of adding 3DWeather to the workflow is easy and budget conscious. Since the 3DWeather is based on the same HDVG+ hardware, and the same creation and playout software, the implementation is seamless. Thus reducing the cost for additional hardware, software, and training days.

Powerful presentation
As 3DWeather leverages on Orad's powerful hardware platforms, broadcasters can display their weather production in high resolution on large video walls adding flare to their weather show. Using PowerWall provides studios with the ability to zoom in on the screen without the graphic content becoming pixelated.

All on-screen weather and graphic elements remain synchronized across the whole of the video wall, with no tearing visible on any sections of the output.

Virtual solution
Orad's virtual studio offers an ideal environment for weather presentations. Unlike the flat 2D chromakey corner which is often used for weather forecasts, Orad's virtual studio solution enables free camera movements in the studio space and a rich photorealistic 3D environment.

Interactive weather
Combined with Orad's Interact solution, weather presenters can interact directly with their weather representations from their touch/multi touch screens. This module allows the presenter to interact with the weather presentation, display the weather data, draw the weather fronts, zoom in on a specific area of interest, and add a more dynamic flavour to the weather presentation bringing the weather show to a whole new level.



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