Engine Framework

Engine Framework

Engine Framework

Orad's Engine Framework is a software developing environment that broadcasters can use to create dedicated control applications for specific productions. While production demands grow rapidly event by event, there are situations where 'off the shelf' controllers do not meet production's needs.

Orad's Engine Framework

Orad's Engine Framework is intuitive, even for non-experienced users. Engine Framework comes with detailed examples that contain a controller and scene, and is backed up with full documentation.

What you can do with Orad's Engine Framework:

  • Create customized controllers
  • Operate rich media events
  • Enhance the use of big database sources
  • Create interactive scenes – without having it done during the design process

Integrates with common developing platforms

Developers do not only have to use Engine Framework in a native broadcast environment. All that is needed is the API developing software and a local render engine as a standalone application.

Orad's Engine Framework works on any common developing platform, including; C++, C#, Java & VBA.

Using the .net API containing an ActiveX component, Engine Framework contains simple and easy to learn functions which enable programmers to "talk" in the same language as graphic designers. As programmers and designer use different jargon, Engine Framework provides a common language for them to interact. Programmers no longer have to waste precious time deciphering the graphic designer's intent. For example, once the designer exports a value which must be integrated into the controller, the programmer uses Engine Framework's "send export" function to send the value to the graphic item.

The communication with the render engine is two-ways, therefore any event occurring on the render engine side will produce messages that will inform the developers about the next step required. As it informs the control application when something is needed or happened, it is perfect for debugging software.

As a hardware developer, Orad understand the flexibility required by production. When combining Orad's HDVG video rendering platform with Engine Framework, one can control hardware settings such as routing the inputs and outputs, and much more, directly from Engine Framework, increasing workflow efficiency.

Upgrade easily from old on air graphic platforms

If one is relying on an older graphic controller, programmers without prior Engine Framework experience can easily make the minor changes required to upgrade quickly to Orad's Engine Framework. For example, the most widely used function used is controlling animations, such as play, rewind, cue, etc. These functions are available in Engine Framework under intuitive names such as; "start animation", "stop animation", etc.

Create interactive scenes

Unlike other systems, with Orad's Engine Framework, it is possible to create complex interactive scenes without preparing too much inside the scene itself. This enables the creative team to focus on the design and not the programming of the scenes.

Create specific complex control applications

Orad's Engine Framework is the only choice to create complex control applications for very specific purposes, such as; elections with very complex data sources that require conversion on the fly or sport projects with connection to referees' computers or stadium score boards.

Key features

  • Can be used by developers without license and dongle, enabling them to work away from the office if necessary
  • Can be used for controlling HDVG video rendering hardware
  • Create complex interactive scenes easily
  • Ideal for creating specific complex control applications

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