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Morpho focuses on bringing ideas and designs to air easily and affordably. Powerful 3D real-time graphics rendering, smart graphic design tools and flexible playout capabilities are all packed together offering an efficient and easy workflow. Creation and playout are performed from a single interface, increasing reactivity in production.
Morpho is the perfect solution for branding, OB van, news and other studio productions.

Morpho employs a page based architecture that offers an easy and flexible way to create even the most complex 3D look.
Building a Morpho page is simply done by combining Morpho primitives, live video inputs in HD or SD, video clips, Photoshop™ layers or 3D Collada files into layer's structure.
Through the easy to understand positioning, rotating and scaling tools, the elements can be quickly laid out exactly the way the design requires. 3D charts are easily used as Morpho contains bar charts, pie charts, line graphs and line area graphs as part of its primitives' library.

With Morpho, multiple videos clips in formats such as Avi, MPEG, MP4, QuickTime™, and Windows Media, can be played back as an integral part of the graphic scene. The video clips are mapped to any object in the scene, allowing the creation of attractive 3D and 2D DVE effects. Morpho supports two video insertions either in SD or HD formats. These video insertions are mapped to any type of graphic object just like any other texture.

Morpho's fully featured Unicode compliant character generator makes it very easy to set up any type of decorated 2D and 3D text, tables, crawls and rolls. The integrated spell checker helps the user ensure that graphics are not sent to air with typos.

Morpho offers a variety of ticker and crawl functionalities such as linking directly to social media and RSS feed, a fully featured business crawl and a static ticker object.

Morpho's concept is to make complex tasks as simple as possible, for example Z-ordering and light positioning are made extremely easy by introducing concepts from products like MS PowerPoint™ that enable setting up powerful 3D designs easy.
Morpho has a smooth and efficient effects creation process. For each item in a page the user can easily set up individually timed in and out effects. Morpho offers a vast variety of pre-defined customizable effects.
Additionally, Morpho now features a timeline that allows creating all-new transition effects that adapt to the specific needs of each production.
Text elements can also be animated in a character basis, allowing a much better looking view on air.

Data connectivity

Through intuitive, script free, wizards, the user can easily link graphics to data from any type of data source including: native MS Excel™ files, text files, ODBC data bases, RSS feeds and XML tables. It is also possible to define event based actions, which provide the ability to display different pages based on data from the database. The user can drag and drop images and RSS feeds directly from their Internet browser to the design window.

Playout can be performed by organizing items in a playlist, or using the playout controller panel for easy access to graphics in a random order. Each graphic item can be assigned to a different layer, allowing the playout of up to 7 different graphic items simultaneously. For example, it is possible to manage a logo layer separately from an underlying ticker layer, which could be on top of a lower 3rd or full screen graphic.

Last minute changes to texts or other elements can be performed while on air, providing the flexibility required for today's production needs.

Any page in Morpho can be rendered to a video clip with alpha, what enables its usage either for approval of the graphic or in a post-production environment without any need to recreate previously created content.

Newsroom and automation systems

Morpho integrates with newsroom systems using a MOS protocol and an ActiveX plugin installed on the journalists' stations, ensuring proper usability in news environments.

Morpho can be controlled by automation systems through industry standard protocols like CII and VDCP. GPI control is also supported.
Work in your own language
Morpho is available in a variety of languages such as English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German, Japanese, and Chinese. Additional languages can be easily added. Morpho is based on a 100% Unicode compliant architecture and therefore allows the user to work in almost all written languages.

Upgrade path
Morpho enables an easy upgrade path to Orad's high end solutions. All the graphic elements designed in Morpho can be exported to a format supported by Orad's 3Designer, Maestro and 3DPlay controllers, so graphic content can be modified and reused. Similarly, Morpho can be used as a fast and simple creation tool integrated into a high-end system workflow.

Powerful graphics engine
Morpho's new turnkey ready hardware platform is based on cutting edge technology from leading vendors. Its 2RU chassis is much more than just a PC in box. It is built to meet the requirements of today's graphic designers and operators. The box is available in a SD-only as well as a SD/HD switchable version supporting all SD and HD formats.

Morpho is available on two different hardware configurations: single channel, packed on a single 2U box and dual channel where the same box offers two render engines and an external controller.

Key features

  • All in one solution for authoring and playout
  • HD/SD switchable
  • Two SDI video inputs per channel
  • Real-time 3D graphic engine
  • Full 2D and 3D character generation
  • Easy to use creation abilities
  • Supports 3D models in Collada format
  • Supports Photoshop files with all layers
  • Allows import of Power Point presentations
  • Integrated with a vast variety of data sources, including RSS feeds, MS Excel™, SQL and XML
  • Graphics can be played back sequentially or via playback controller integrated with automation systems through CII protocol
  • Integrated with newsroom systems through MOS protocol
  • Supports languages on different scripts, (for example: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Russian, etc)
  • Localized user interface in a variety languages

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