Election Graphics and Productions

Good election coverage is a product of data visualization. Tremendous amounts of data are generated during elections. Polling data from different regions is constantly being fed to the system and up-to-the-second information needs to be graphically represented. Such data needs to be visually stunning and smartly manipulated in order to better explain its relevance.
This is exactly where Orad's elections solution comes into play, offering different, state of the art, graphic representation tools coupled with smart data management, in an efficient workflow.

Seamless integration to election databases
At the heart of Orad's Election solution is its powerful integration to election databases. The aggregated information is pumped into graphic templates and visualized in real time. Coalition games are probably one of the more efficient tools during election coverage. They allow the commentator to demonstrate how new coalitions could be formed based on the voting data. As the Election Day arrives, new scenarios of possible coalitions are generated, allowing the commentator to analyze their possible effects and give the viewer a clear visual reference. Voting data can be visualized using bars, pie charts, maps and other graphical representations that are pumped with up to the second results, enabling commentators to easily analyze the information. Smart logic tickers have also become an integral part of election coverage, as the contextual data determines the ticker's behavior.

Naturally, elections' rules vary from one country to the other. Orad's Election solution was designed to accommodate these differences and can be easily tailored to the production's precise requirements.

Accurate on-air graphics
Election productions, in their nature, are particularly unpredictable and challenging. Orad's 3DPlay facilitates the process with timely, accurate, and exciting on air graphics. 3DPlay is an action based graphics controller which enables the user to create and combine election graphics, content, and animation easily. Ideal for election productions, 3DPlay has an easy to use and intuitive GUI; the election's graphics can be prepared in advance, and are updated on the spot with the relevant data, ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of the information.

Stunning interactive graphics on large screens
Interact, Orad's interactive graphics solution, is ideally suited for election coverage. Interact enables the presenter to execute graphics over touch screen devices, control, and present the graphics according to the direction of his presentation. For example, the presenter can change the graphics to provide alternative voting scenarios in real time while speaking. By relying on the OradTouch iPad application, the presenter can interact with the election graphics directly from his iPad and move around the studio space freely. An additional highly attractive capability is interaction with live web content from within the interactive graphics.

Election broadcasts are all about how the information is presented. PowerWall, Orad's up to 16k resolution solution, enables broadcasters to generate extremely sharp and high quality images for their studio's video wall, thereby providing a visually stunning election broadcast.

Powerful election platform
In a typical election coverage, multiple video feeds from different locations, such as the parties' headquarters, are aggregated and need to be displayed in parallel with DVE effects, transitions and of course the relevant graphics. Orad's HDVG+ video rendering platform offers the perfect solution. The HDVG+ supports up to 6 live video feeds in HD or up to 12 in SD. Those feeds are an integral part of the graphic scene and can be freely manipulated in the 3D space, creating unlimited options for DVE effects. Regardless of the number of video inputs, the HDVG+ retains a constant 2 frames delay; it therefore can provide a composited image with all the different incoming videos, graphics and transitions, all fed directly to the switcher, significantly simplifying the production workflow.

Virtual election studio
Many broadcasters choose to host their election coverage within a virtual studio environment. Orad's ProSet virtual studio system allows the integration of election data into the set with full camera motion freedom. Based on the same camera tracking technologies it is also possible to introduced complex 3D graphics into a conventional studio environment such as bars representing the voting or a visual representation of the parliament which animate up from the studio floor.

Simplifying the production workflow
One of the key tasks in a dynamic live production like an election broadcast is handling multiple live video boxes simultaneously. Orad's TD Control was designed to handle precisely these types of productions by converting the complexity of the existing workflow by consolidating all tasks into a single user interface while enhancing the on air look. On Election Day, for example, the Technical Director (TD or vision mixer operator) can choose to present up to 8 video feeds from the parties' headquarters in an 8 box layout, with the option of switching to 8 other locations instantly while on air. In order to further streamline the production workflow, TD Control interfaces with different newsroom systems. The journalist can select from the predefined video boxes layout the desired election graphics, assign the relevant video sources including clips/images that are stored in TD Control, type in the relevant text, and publish it to the rundown. Lower thirds, tickers, and any other on air graphics can be easily triggered directly from TD Control's user interface.

Professional services
Orad's highly experienced, professional services teams aid in every aspect of the election broadcast, from initial concept, planning and graphic design through database and workflow integration to complete project management and operation.

The professional services teams are highly skilled in creating and operating captivating customized election graphics. These can include on air and interactive graphics, augmented reality, and virtual studio productions. The teams integrate Orad's solutions with existing workflows and databases, and can guide the broadcaster throughout the entire election process.

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