Media Asset Management

iFind is a sophisticated Media Asset Management solution based on cost effective, scalable and resilient IT technologies. The iFind application set features a simple to use interface which gives the user the ability to media manage a complete server and archive system from a web browser.

iFind Media Management Overview
Powerful search, workflow and management functionality is available which can be tailored to a station's individual requirements allowing a smooth day to day operation and a reduction in the media management overhead, bringing a fast return on investment.

iFind Asset Core is the powerful database which underpins the media asset management system providing flexible user-configurable metadata schemas. In addition, sophisticated business rules based and process driven workflows enable essential functions such as archiving, restore from archive, clip movement, transcode and deletion.

A vital element of any media asset management system is the acquisition of media from external sources and iFind's iAcquire module gives simple yet efficient control of all ingest tasks.. iAcquire provides control of VTRs, line feeds and file transfer processes enabling integrated support for ingest of media and metadata to the iFind database.

Full browse proxy support allows desktop media management with the ability to create 'Points of Interest' and highlights to enhance the metadata held with media as it is created or later in the news, sports and fast turnaround production processes. The system also generates EDLs for export to third party editing platforms such as those from Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Quantel and Avid.

iFind range of applications:
• iAcquire
Ingest and media acquisition
• iLogger
Live event metadata logging
• iFind Web Client
Configurable, Web-based, multi-device, multi-media search

• Graphics management
Managing graphics production and content
iFind Media Asset Management
Scalable, cost effective & easy to use

iAcquire provides a range of features to ingest content to video server systems from VTR, live source, XDCam disc or by file import. With process orientated user interfaces for supervisors and operators, iAcquire allows automation of routine tasks whilst retaining the flexibility to make last minute changes and start instant recordings.

Ingest and Media Acquisition
This latest generation application includes advanced scheduling capabilities and enhanced metadata capture. The system supports the use of placeholders as well as maintaining the ability to work instantaneously in fast-turnaround workflows.
iAcquire controls a range of broadcast devices to provide scheduled or manual ingest of live or pre-recorded media.

Using iAcquire Schedule Manager, users can set up recordings in advance, (ideal for capturing news or sports feeds). This interface allows operators to enter metadata before or after the recording starts with confidence that the automatic recording will take place at the pre-set time. Using the iAcquire Schedule Manager, operators can quickly see the currently scheduled ingest jobs and manage the recording schedule with ease.

With file-based workflows becoming increasingly common, iAcquire supports digital deliveries, ensuring a seamless workflow for media acquisition, regardless of the original source or format.

iAcquire Features

  • Intuitive user interface – minimal training required
  • Mark clips for ingest from XDCam and VTR
  • Scheduled line recordings
  • Instant "crash" recordings
  • File based ingest from removable media or delivery to 'watch folder'
  • Workflow supports placeholders & ingest lists with pre-entered metadata
  • Clip monitoring and review
  • Router control

iLogger has been developed out of real workflow experience in the art of live event logging.
Evolved from the Emmy award-winning 'Triage' system at CNN, iLogger is an intuitive live logging tool to capture points of interest and metadata as media is ingested.

Live event metadata logging
iLogger provides the broadcaster, producer, archivist or media host with media tagging on ingest or review. iLogger is equally at home logging a live event or preparing a post-match analysis at speed.
iLogger gives an operator the ability to quickly tag an incoming live feed or feeds with pre-defined metadata, eliminating errors in the high pressure production environment. Designed to be used in a studio or outside broadcast unit, iLogger's ability to quickly capture complex metadata enhances the value of content from the moment it is recorded.

By tagging the incoming media with event specific metadata the process of searching for appropriate material is made faster and more accurate. Finding material for a highlights package; searching for alternative takes; fast review of 'points of interest' within an event is easily achieved with iLogger working in conjunction with iFind MAM.

iLogger Features

  • Fast logging of live events, during the event, for highlights or archive re-purposing
  • Content can be viewed live, as live or randomly accessed whilst still recording
  • Pre-configured keyword metadata via hotkeys for improved accuracy
  • Growing browse for instant viewing & logging during recording
  • Customer configured content specific metadata fields and data structure
  • Instant availability of all metadata to users across the organisation via iFind Web Client
  • Flexible GUI with recall of saved layouts for different tasks
  • Switchable configuration for multiple sports

iFind Web Client
Search, browse, manage and move media from any web browser on any desktop, anywhere in the world. Sophisticated but simple to use, iFind Web Client will find media and other assets quickly and efficiently, update records, view and edit proxy video and create new EDLs from your desktop.
iFind Web Client provides complete multi-media access for journalists, editors, librarians, archivists and anyone else who needs to find or manage content whether it be video clips, pictures, scripts, graphics or PDFs, quickly and easily.

The iFind Database allows powerful links between content of various types, its metadata and its essence, in any location. The Metadata structure scan be edited or updated at any time. Workflows are also configurable by administrators using iFind's sophisticated and flexible workflow management system. Uniquely to iFind Web Client, users can add "points of interest" to clips, by capturing additional information about sections of a clip or about individual frames. Ideal for a range of tasks such as marking sports highlights, compliance, commercial insertion and content segmentation, the "points of interest" thumbnail view allows easy access to each marked section of the clip.

The integrated viewer allows fast selection of content, shot selection and preview of the newly created clip and the ability to export EDLs for rendering or editing on 3rd party systems such as Adobe Premiere, Avid or Final Cut Pro.

iFind Workflow Management
iFind provides sophisticated workflow management to manage and track all assets. Typically workflows can be defined and automated but manual intervention and triggers are also possible providing total flexibility.
To provide full flexibility, all rules can be created, modified and managed by administrators putting the broadcaster in control and without the need for costly and time-consuming modifications to the code.

iFind Features
1. Web based interface, (no software required on client PC)
2. Local, facility-wide or global access
3. Customer configurable metadata
4. Edit & manage metadata and log points of interest
5. View browse media in embedded player
6. Shot selection, rough cut desktop editing and EDL export to Adobe Premiere, Avid and Final Cut Pro
7. Powerful and configurable workflow management
8. Multi-user, multi-language, multi-location web client access
9. Archive and restore management
10. Enterprise level support for multiple sites

iFind Graphics
The iFind graphics module expands iFind's capabilities and provides management of all types of graphic content including metadata assignment and search options.

Graphics Asset Management
Graphics are becoming increasingly important both in adding value to content and distinguishing channels in a crowded market. Alongside this the complexity and quantity of graphic content has dramatically increased and the ability to search, discover, manage and exploit that content has become more important than ever.
Many broadcasters worldwide operate from multiple locations, either in multiple sites in the same city, or different sites in different cities or countries, and have a requirement to be able to share graphic content, streamline their workflows and get items to air quickly and efficiently.

iFind allows the user to manage all the key graphics from the user friendly iFind web-based interface. In the case of Orad graphic devices such as Maestro, the iFind functionality is accessed directly from the Maestro GUI. iFind supports a hierarchical 'project folder' structure, particularly relevant for managing the many elements of graphics production.
The Work Order Management feature is a response to the common requirement in news and programs production environments. It allows journalist and program makers to request graphics that do not yet exist and add a placeholder that will be filled when the graphic designers fulfill the task. This provides a dramatically smoother workflow allowing valuable time to be spent on generating the content rather than wasted managing the process.

iFind Graphics Features

  • Management of all assets used in graphics production. (e.g. images, scenes, video, After Effects Projects, etc.)
  • Metadata profile configurable per asset type
  • Comprehensive search capabilities
  • Work order (placeholder) management
  • Automatic hot folder and manual ingest
  • Transcoding services
  • Storage monitoring and management
  • Asset moving service
  • User access rights management
  • Monitoring and administration tools
  • Configuration manager to allow admin users to add new asset types and change data profile for existing assets
  • Workflow manager to allow admin users to add and modify workflows

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