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June 24, 2015

Avid Blog: It’s Official, Orad is Part of Avid. By Bill Neuman

Earlier this year, I revealed the story behind our Orad acquisition announcement. It was an important announcement, not only for Avid, but for our customers for whom we've committed to deliver the most comprehensive platform in the industry. That platform, Avid MediaCentral, is now officially the home of industry-leading products from Orad, now a part of Avid. But what does this mean for current Avid customers who use both Orad's and Avid's solutions? Simple. You can expect to enjoy the same great products, backed by an even deeper product and support team, and increasingly capable product integrations to give you the most comprehensive workflows available anywhere.

Let's take a look at some of the areas where Orad and Avid are already working together.

CTV Canada

Enterprise Graphics with Maestro

Maestro is an enterprise graphics suite that can be used in a wide variety of environments, including news, branding, studio productions, OB vans, editing, and post production, all on a single graphic platform. Maestro works today with Avid iNEWS, iNEWS | Command, and Media Composer.


Multi-display Video and Graphics with TD Control
As large studio displays are increasingly used in the broadcast environment, broadcasters need an efficient and easy-to-use solution to deliver and control compelling video and graphical content in multiple resolutions and display formats. TD Control provides an intuitive solution matched with iNEWS. For example, within the iNEWS client, a journalist can access a repository of graphics templates. After choosing a template, he or she can populate it with data, preview it on a PC, and then publish the results to the rundown. Once done, that item is automatically available in the TD Control playlist ready to air.



News Playout Management with ProServe
The ProServe news playout server manages multiple servers and runs multiple playbacks with its simple yet powerful control interface. ProServe already integrates with Avid iNEWS. A newsroom producer can prepare rundowns in iNEWS which through web services become available in ProServe for playback. Also, the Production Assistant module allows journalists to track the status of the playlist during the production.



High-res Ingest with VJ
VJ is a powerful and versatile video server for demanding production environments. For ingest environments, VJ offers real-time export of ingested streams in high resolution and proxy into external storage, instantly available for editing in Avid Media Composer.



Live Sports and Fast Turnaround News with PlayMaker
PlayMaker is a high end slow-motion replay server, designed to meet the growing challenges of live sports productions and fast turnaround breaking news. PlayMaker provides Gigabit network file sharing between servers for preview, copy, or instant playout of clips from remote servers. Understanding the importance of tapeless workflow, PlayMaker introduces instant import and export capabilities to editors working with Avid Media Composer.

These products are well-integrated today, as our numerous joint customers would attest. However, we don't intend to rest on our laurels. While we can't discuss product roadmaps just yet, what we can share today is that we intend to support and invest in the full portfolio of Orad products. As our teams begin working together in earnest, we expect to begin deepening product capabilities and integration points to better enable an even more streamlined overall workflow. Please stay tuned for progress updates.

If you have any questions, our team has put together a quick FAQ which you can read at the bottom of this article. Of course, your Orad and/or Avid Sales Representative remains available for further discussion as well.

If you have plans to attend IBC 2015 in Amsterdam, please make time to visit the Avid booth where we'll be demonstrating how Avid and Orad are working together to bring you the most comprehensive, open, and integrated media production platform in the industry.

For the FAQs, please click here.