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Using OradControl on the iPad

OradControl enables the control of graphics by anchors from the studio. It is optimized for news, sports, and magazine, financial and weather forecast environments.

The application allows users to control newsroom or manually created playlists from the iPad. With OradControl, the presenter can directly play graphics on-air at any moment, making the relevant graphics to follow the flow of the conversation.

To be able to use OradControl you will need access to the following Orad software: MaestroController and RenderEngine.

The application runs natively on Apple's iPad.


Graphic scenes are prepared in Orad's 3Designer application. The scenes are then loaded to Orad's Maestro PageEditor application in order to prepare data entry templates (aka pages) out of them. The pages are then organized in rundowns inside the Orad MaestroController application. After establishing a connection between OradControl and the MaestroController, the user can control the open and loaded rundowns from the iPad.


The OradControl application for iPad is available as a free download in the Apple App Store. To access it, open the Appstore application on the iPad. You'll need to register if you do not already have an account for the Appstore.

  • Once the application is set up, locate the 'Search' tab at the bottom of the screen and input the search term 'OradControl'.
  • Select the OradControl search result and an information screen will be shown.
  • Tap the 'Free' button, and then the resulting 'Install' button to start the installation.
  • Confirm your Apple ID to proceed with the installation. The application then downloads and installs.
  • When finished, an application called 'OradControl' will appear on the iPad Springboard.
  • Start it by taping the icon

OradControl 50 red

Note: Alternatively you can download the application using iTunes and synchronize/upload it to the iPad.

Working with OradControl

Prior to working with OradControl as a presenter, OradControl should be configured by your control room operator or someone who is familiar with Orad's control application(s).

In order to work with OradControl, a wireless connection to the control PC hosting the MaestroController must be available.

To configure OradControl for use

  • Launch OradControl
  • Input the IP address and port of the MaestroController PC that OradControl will connect to.

Connect1 1

You can tap on the address book icon in order to browse through previous connections

Connect2 1

Select an IP and tap on "Connect"; OradControl will then connect to the host

OradControl is now ready for use.

To Control a Rundown

  • Start OradControl
  • Once connected, you will have to choose the Rundown you want to connect to

Control1 2

Please notice that you can connect to rundowns which are already opened on the MaestroController application.

  • Select the rundown by tapping on it. Open the rundown by holding the selected rundown for few seconds.
  • The rundown opens

control2 1

  • Tap on a story to open it and view the items inside

control4 1

  • OradControl supports the following gestures:

tap with two fingers = CUE selected item
swipe right = trigger the current TAKE of selected item
swipe left = trigger OUT event of selected item

control5 1

Additional functions

  • You can activate a SCROLL BLOCK by long pressing anywhere in the rundown

control5 1

  • At the top left corner you can see Triangle icon - tap it to open and close the control panel.
  • The triangle icon is disabled if not all configured PGM channels are connected on the MaestroController application.
  • At the right top corner there is Refresh Playlist icon - press to refresh.
  • This icon starts rotating when someone modifies the rundown from the MaestroController application.
  • Tapping the Playlists shows refreshed list of opened rundowns.
  • You can control the size of playlist items, from 100 to 200 pixels, by using pinch gesture at the playlist. Sizes of items are saved independently for portrait and landscape orientations.
  • If a Maestro user closes a playlist controlled by iPad, an alert will be shown on the iPad, and the playlist will be closed.
  • Tapping the Disconnect button, will disconnect the iPad from the MaestroController.

Reporting Problems

In the event of a problem with OradControl, please contact Orad's Support services:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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