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Using OradTouch on the iPad

Using the OradTouch application, presenters can directly interact with a wide variety of graphical content in a broadcast environment.

Unique to OradTouch is the realtime background update which allows the presenter to see the result of their interactions immediately on the iPad screen, without having to look at an external monitor. This means that the presenter is always maintaining their focus on presenting their story rather than looking at a touchscreen.

The application runs natively on Apple’s iPad.

Interactive templates are prepared in Orad’s 3Designer application, where scene elements are associated with different interaction types (such as tap, drag and hold). The template is then loaded with Orad’s 3DPlay application and these interactions are associated with 3DPlay actions. When the appropriate interaction is made with the object from the iPad, 3DPlay triggers the action in response.

The OradTouch application for iPad is available as a free download in the Apple App Store. To access it, open the Appstore application on the iPad. You’ll need to register if you do not already have an account for the Appstore. 

  1. Once the application is set up, locate the 'Search' tab at the bottom of the screen and input the search term ‘OradTouch’.
  2. Select the OradTouch search result and an information screen will be shown.
  3. Tap the 'Free' button, and then the resulting 'Install' button to start the installation.
  4. Confirm your Apple ID to proceed with the installation. The application then downloads and installs.
  5. When finished, an application called ‘OradTouch’ will appear on the iPad Springboard.
  6. Start it by tapping the icon.  






Note: Alternatively you can download the application using iTunes and synchronize/upload it to the iPad.

Working with OradTouch

Prior to working with OradTouch as a presenter, OradTouch should be configured by your control room operator or someone who is familiar with Orad’s control application(s).
In order to work with OradTouch, a wireless connection to the HDVG and stream server must be available.

To configure OradTouch for use
1. Launch OradTouch
2. Input the IP address and port of the HDVG Rendering Host that OradTouch will send the touch inputs to.
3. Input the IP address, port and name of the image that that OradTouch will receive a background feed from.
4. Optionally set the transparency level for the screen overlay
5. Tap on “Save General Settings”; OradTouch will then connect to the hosts

OradTouch is now ready for use.

To interact with the production graphics

  1. Start OradTouch
  2. OradTouch will automatically connect to the last configured Interact host and stream server.
  3. Enable / Disable telestrator buttons as required
  4. Tap on the ‘Touch’ button to switch to the interactive area. If the Interact host and stream server are connected, the background will immediately start to update, and you may interact directly with the graphics.


To switch back to the configuration screen
• Tap on the small button in the lower left of the iPad display


To disable or enable the telestrator buttons
• While in the settings screen, use the slider next to each telestrator style to enable / disable the button.


To assign different Telestrator styles

  1. Open OradTouch
  2. Tap on the style name that you would like to change; the on-screen keyboard will appear
  3. Input the name of the style that you would like to use; note that this name is case sensitive and should be the same as the one specified in the Telestrator Configuration.


Reporting Problems
In the event of a problem with OradTouch, please contact Orad’s Support services:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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