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Sport Solution

Comprehensive Sports Solutions

No event gains so much emotion and enthusiasm as a live sports event. Ratings sky rocket during such events, increasing viewer loyalty. With more and more cameras being used, super slow motion cameras have become the de facto standard. Real time graphics linked with statistics collection systems help the commentator better analyze and visualize the game.
With two decade legacy in premium sports events such as the World Cup and the Olympics, Orad provides a complete tool kit to address the different aspects of a live sports events. From Brazil to China, from the US to Russia, Orad's sports solutions are used on a daily basis by some of the most prominent broadcasters worldwide.

Powerful live sports graphics – 3DPlay
Orad's 3DPlay offers the ability to easily create script free dedicated control panels to address different sport disciplines. The system integrates smoothly with statistic collection systems and databases, allowing the operator to take to air the most updated information in a fraction of a second. The system handles the entire production from pre game to the game itself, and post game. That includes all graphical elements such as scores, game clocks, rosters, fixtures, tables, tickers, and any other graphical elements. 3DPlay also integrates with real time players tracking applications and visualizes the collected data such as distance covered, "heat maps", etc.

Slow motion replay servers - PlayMaker
Video servers have become a key player in every sport production, not only for instant replay, but for pre-game playout, game breaks, post-game highlights, and even as part of the digital tapeless workflow.

Orad's PlayMaker slow motion video server was designed in order to address the growing challenges of live sport event productions. PlayMaker supports up to 8 HD/SD channels in any I / O configuration and multiple ingest formats, including DVC PRO, DNxHD and JPEG2000 codecs. PlayMaker supports super slow motion camera feeds and instant file sharing over network, thus offering significant cost savings on both operational and capital investments. While retaining a small foot print of only 3RU, PlayMaker is equipped with a massive 120 hours of storage time in SD or 60 in HD with full audio support.

With built in file export / import capabilities, PlayMaker clips can be instantly exported to an NLE environment on any remote computer or storage, with no need for any intermediate hardware or software. Exported files can be wrapped as either QuickTime or MXF, to perfectly fit any craft editing environment

The PlayMaker smart events engine is a powerful tagging and sorting tool, which tags clips with descriptive metadata with minimal extra effort by the operator directly from controllers touch screen.
Each new clip can be tagged with multiple events from 6 different categories. For example, in a football match, the user can tag a foul made by Puyol on Ronaldo with 4 tags, offensive > Puyol > foul on > Ronaldo. Later in the game, within seconds, the operators can sort all the fouls made by Puyol, all the fouls made on Ronaldo, or cross sort all the fouls made by Puyol on Rolando. To streamline the preparation process, tags can be preloaded from an external file, or can be edited directly on the controller.

Fast turnaround editorial sports workflow - PowerPlay
More than ever the key to producing great sports entertainment is to generate exciting packages quickly and accurately.

PowerPlay is Orad's new turnkey solution that can manage sports productions from ingest, through instant highlight editing, to dedicated sport media asset management in a live and post production environment. PowerPlay is designed to provide a complete solution for large scale sporting events, focusing on fast turnaround and advanced data management tools.
In one possible workflow, when airing dozens of live sports events weekly, every game can be ingested and edited live into highlights for the evening sports news. The game's highlights are immediately moved into the main storage and database with all existing metadata, and are available for extra logging, as well as for all journalists and the production team. With simple web based interface, users can search the database, review clips in full or proxy resolution, and select all relevant items, which will be sent by PowerPlay to the NLE as an Edit Decision List. Once edited, based on predefined rules, PowerPlay will push the edited item from NLE to the playout environment. This workflow streamlines the production effort as no extra logging is required and all highlights are tagged and available for immediate use in post-production. This opens new possibilities for the production team, as all past material are instantly searchable and available.

All the day's events simultaneously – TD Control
Today's international sporting events are often broadcasted simultaneously from different locations. TD Control enables the broadcaster to display up to 8 different events at the same time, with the ability to switch to 8 completely different events with a click of a button. The TD has the power to make last second changes while on air, as well as decide how the video boxes will be displayed and make changes on the fly, including adding titles, graphics, etc.

Superimposed virtual graphics
Superimposed virtual graphics on the playing field have changed the way home viewers consume their sports. First down lines have become an integral part of any American football production, virtual offside lines, speed and distance measurements for soccer, and the world record dynamic line during swimming and athletic events are all enhancing and elevating the viewing experience.
Orad pioneered this market over a decade ago and was one of the first companies to invent such technologies and concepts. Back in the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Orad introduced for the first time virtual flags and record lines winning it an EMMY award. Orad offers a range of sport enhancement applications and products based on proprietary patented camera tracking technologies. These products allow the insertion of real time 3D graphic elements and superimpose them on the playing field. By analyzing the image, the system extracts the camera's parameters, such as pan, tilt, zoom and focus, so that every camera movement is analyzed in real time and the inserted graphic element can be applied. The end result is that the virtual element is immersed into the real environment as if it was a real physical object, regardless of the camera's movements. This technology negates the need for any physical sensors to be mounted on the camera and allows the system to be operated from either the OB VAN or the studio.

High visual impact - MVP
Emmy Award winning MVP (Motion Video Play) enables sports broadcasters to display captivating sports highlight clips to better visualize critical plays, the flow of the game, and post-game analysis.

MVP provides an unprecedented amount of enhancement features including: tied to the field 3D drawings (arrows, markers, areas and many more), measurements of distance and speed, magnifier to zoom in on controversial plays, and drawing trajectories of the players' movements on the field and of the ball's movement in the air. In addition to the more traditional enhancement tools, MVP also offers virtual camera flights between two real cameras, viewing a play as it is drawn on the coach's drawing board comparing the position and technique of individual athletes, drawing a specific player in colour on top of a black and white background, and breaking down a play into a sequence of frames to better analyze the player's movements.
All the different features can be combined to create an even more powerful effect.
MVP can be deployed for any sports event and can be used for live productions or highlight shows, from either the OB VAN or the studio, and supports up to 32 different cameras without camera or lens modifications.

Dedicated soccer and football enhancements - TrackVision
TrackVision is an extremely fast first replay system for soccer enhancement. With TrackVision all commonly used soccer enhancement features such as offside line, distance and speed measurements, score and team logos and 9 meter circle are easily generated. The system supports multiple cameras, includes an embedded Chroma Keyer and interfaces with all commonly used slow motion servers. Similar in concept is Orad's TrackVision FDL (First Down Line) system that was designed to accommodate American Football. The TrackVision FDL system can draw virtual first down lines, scrimmage lines, down and distance feathers, red zone statistics, and more. Like TrackVision, TrackVision FDL is a compact 3RU system with a simple 5 minutes setup time.

Real time insertions of full motion virtual ads - ADVision
Virtual advertisement allows broadcasters and rights holders to recoup on their investment and open additional revenue streams. Virtual ads are typically placed in areas in which physical ads cannot be placed, such as next to the goal during soccer games.
Orad's ADVision allows real-time insertion of full motion virtual advertisement on any kind of sport, from the venue or from the studio, without camera sensors. ADVision support multi camera productions, and can detect camera cuts and insert the graphics on the first frame automatically. It requires minimal operation involvement. Ads, in the form of video clips or textures, can be stored locally and rendered in real time in the correct camera perspective.

Invictus - Data driven graphic enhancements
Orad's Invictus enables the user to display informative and entertaining graphic overlay to the live broadcast in any sporting event. This graphic overlay can be in the form of commentary, advertisement or sponsorship message. Invictus uses a chroma key generator, which enables the added graphics to appear "painted" on the playing field. The system supports up to 8 different chroma key zones in order not to limit the graphics to only one specific colour. In addition to adding regular graphics, the system also supports video insertions and clip playing, including clips containing alpha channels.