Virtual Advertisement

ADVision turns sport events into advertising media platforms able to generate new revenue streams for rights holders, broadcasters and program producers.
Based on revolutionary patented image analysis camera tracking technology, ADVision allows real-time insertion of virtual advertisement in any type of sport event, eliminating the need for camera sensors. With the embedded clip player option, broadcasters can also play tied to the field full motion videos and animation clips.

Using a new improved tracking algorithm, ADVision ensures that once the ads are placed they remain in their exact position throughout the game regardless to camera movements and cuts between cameras, and as result there is no need for any manual user intervention.

ADVision can be implemented by broadcasters either on the uplink or downlink signals for any sport discipline, including; football, basketball, American football, golf, rugby, extreme sports, athletics, winter sports, etc.

ADVision implements an extremely easy to use and intuitive user interface. With its advanced image processing, no camera modifications are required and integration can be done in minutes, saving substantially on operation costs. The entire operation is done using a dedicated keyboard, and the system set-up time does not exceed 5 minutes.

ADVision enables production teams and broadcasters to utilize the system in any sports event. Live productions, delayed broadcasts, highlight shows - ADVision does it all. And switching to a different sport is just one click away.

Auto catching

The auto catching algorithm detects camera cuts, and inserts the graphics seamlessly from the first frame. Auto catching turns virtual advertising into a much more natural viewer experience since it is "always on", and increases the amount of exposure available from any given production.

Automatic game workflow

While the system is tracking, the user can pick frames from the auto catching setup shots bank. Then, whenever the camera returns to similar view, the tracking will start automatically. At any time the user can take a snapshot, and work in manual mode.

Create still image or full motion clip sign programs

ADVision’s user interface allows the user to load different templates for different sports, with its easy drag and drop interface for graphics positioning.
ADVision can support static TIF files for logo branding as well as full motion video clips.

Each graphic image has separate controls for position, elevation, size, opacity and saturation. In addition each element can be set as either chroma or linear.

ADVision is equipped with an embedded chroma keyer which generates high quality anti-aliased keying of the virtual advertisement on the playing field. This advanced chroma key can cope with changing lighting conditions, and can be readjusted within seconds, with only couple of clicks on the setup image.

Any kind of sport

Football from the UK at 7PM, Rugby from Australia at 9PM, and Golf highlights on the 11PM news update, can all be seamlessly enhanced, allowing sports channels to generate new revenue streams with this multi-purpose virtual advertisement solution.

ADVision is an HD/SD switchable system and like all of Orad's products is based on Orad's HDVG+ video rendering platform. ADVision, which consists of a one rack mount 2U unit and requires only one operator, fits easily into an OB van and is completely mobile.

ADVision Key features

  • Tied to the field virtual advertisements from OB Van or studio
  • Supports full motion video clips or animated clips with alpha channel
  • Auto catching algorithm for on cut insertions
  • Can be utilized in almost any kind of sport event
  • Switches seamlessly between sports
  • Eliminates the need for field lines or camera sensors
  • Simple and compact - one rack mount 2U unit and one operator
  • Minimal set up time - 30 seconds per camera
  • Multi camera support with up to 32 different cameras
  • Up to 16 different sports can be loaded at the same time
  • Up the 128 different advertising maps, with multiple ads in each map
  • HD - SD switchable
  • Linux based with dual power supply for redundancy

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