American Football Enhancements

TrackVision FDL's graphic enhancements package turns any football broadcast into an exciting viewer experience. TrackVision FDL uses revolutionarily image processing tracking technology to superimpose virtual graphics over the playing field. The overlaid graphics remain tied to their exact position regardless of camera motion.

TrackVision FDL provides the broadcaster with a flexible and cost effective solution for both venue and MCR broadcasts. By operating on the live feed, TrackVision FDL can be stationed in the production truck or in the studio. It can be used similarly for post production. TrackVision FDL consists of one 3U rack mountable system which requires only one operator, making it particularly versatile, portable and cost effective.

Dynamic first down lines
Drawing the first down line is undoubtedly the most important enhancement feature for football games. With TrackVision FDL, the first down line is instantly drawn as it automatically detects which camera is used and places the graphics in the right perspective.

In addition to drawing the first line down, TrackVision FDL can draw:

  • The scrimmage line, and current down number and down distance. The down and distance can be drawn on the field as still graphics or as an animated sequence, with simple controls over the position of the graphics.
  • A red line indicating the yard line needed to reach field goal range for a kick
  • The red zone (the 20 yard line from the end zone) with a display of the team's red zone statistics

Game enhancement tools
TrackVision FDL can measure the speed of any moving object on the field, and show the speed on the screen. In addition, the yards passed and the distance between any two objects can be measured as well.

TrackVision FDL can also superimpose tied to the field team logos and game scores, any object on the field can be highlighted, and game statistics can be imported from external databases.

Advanced sponsorship options
TrackVision FDL offers the possibility to easily sponsor all enhancements. Using a simple and intuitive user interface, each enhancement can be attached with a graphic logo, thereby whenever one of the enhancements is shown on air the sponsor's logo is shown as well, generating a new revenue stream from every broadcast.

State of the art technology
TrackVision FDL system is Orad's patented football graphics enhancement tool. At the heart of the TrackVision FDL system rests Orad's revolutionary image analysis tracking technology. By monitoring the video feed, TrackVision FDL analyzes the live signal and extracts with precise accuracy the tracking information, negating the need for any physical installation on the camera. TrackVision FDL analyzes the direct program out feeds and does not require a dedicated "clean feed" for its operation.

Simple operation
Operating TrackVision FDL is extremely fast and simple. With TrackVision FDL, enhanced graphics can be displayed from the three main cameras as well as from the end zone cameras, providing a perfect angle for drawing the enhancements.

With its simple graphic user interface, the user can easily control all graphic parameters such as: line colours, intensity, height, width, logos, and textures.

TrackVision FDL supports both HD and SD productions with all major HD formats supported. Another key advantage of TrackVision is its embedded chroma keyer that allows the graphics to be perfectly displayed on the pitch even in difficult lighting conditions.

Working with TrackVision FDL means minimal setup and calibration time, so in the span of few minutes the system is ready to use. This is particularly important in live productions where preparation time may be limited.

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