Tracked to Field Graphics

Invictus enables the user to display informative and entertaining tracked-to-the-field graphics such as virtual flags, record lines, on field ads, team logos, promos, game statistics, distance measurements and more, in live sports events. Invictus can use either Orad's sensor or image based tracking technologies (or both) to overlay any type of graphic object, such as texture, clip, video insertion, etc to any precise location in any live sports event. This graphic overlay can be in the form of commentary, advertisement or sponsorship message.

Camera tracking
In order to enhance live sporting events with captivating 3D graphics, accurate tracking is required to ensure that the graphics are placed precisely in the right location for a realistic experience.

Invictus is based on Orad's sensor and image based tracking technologies. When used with sensor heads, Invictus enables lens distortion and aberration, transmitting signals over audio for long distances, and the ability to extract data from all types of lenses, digital analog boxes and eng heads.

When using image based tracking, Invictus can track up to 32 cameras. Invictus generates camera tracking information based on the analysis of the video's image. This eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming camera modifications and provides unprecedented flexibility and cost savings. Unlike other image based tracking engines, Invictus does not require visible lines. Only two points are needed to be marked and therefore almost any image can be tracked.
This allows Invictus to track the camera when there is snow on the pitch or when the pitch is muddy.

Tied to the field graphics
Ideal for all types of sporting events, Invictus provides tracked graphics integrated with event databases, scoring, and clocking systems, enhancing the production. For example, in individual sporting events such as swimming, and track and field, country flags, personal scores, and World Record lines can be displayed as a reference.
The system combines the tracked graphics drawn on the field with on screen graphics, all controlled by one user. Both can be data driven allowing the easy integration of club logos, scores, and important statistics.

All graphics (on field and on screen) can also be optionally triggered by external triggers.

Easy graphic creation
All graphics used by the system can be created and adjusted easily using Orad's 3Designer tool allowing the user to create his own graphic look.
All graphic elements can be combined and run simultaneously – no limitation of playing one feature at a time.

Production flexibility
Invictus enables the user to generate a dedicated control surface for different sports and productions, providing extensive production flexibility. The controls can be edited in real-time or as presets to run automatically and periodically using logic and rules to determine when and how graphic elements are aired.

Support for spider/fly cams
Spider/fly cameras provide a great view for tactical analysis but often cannot be used because they are not static cameras. With its fly cam module, Invictus can track flying cameras, allowing object tracking arrows and players' highlights while the cameras move.

External triggers
All graphics (on field and on screen) can also be optionally triggered by external triggers, such as; touch pads in pools, starter guns in track and field events, game clocks, etc, and run animations displaying the information graphically.

8 chroma key zones
Invictus uses a chroma key generator, which enables the added graphics to appear "painted" on the playing field. The system supports up to 8 different chroma key zones in order not to limit the graphics to only one specific colour.

Video insertions
In addition to adding regular graphics, the system also supports video insertions and clip playing, including clips containing alpha channels.
For example, Invictus enables placement of giant virtual video walls ("Jumbotron") around the field showing additional live camera views, statistics and external video input for an exciting broadcast.

Teletrations with iPads
With Invictus' iPad telestration capabilities, a commentator can present graphically any type of content. For example, during a baseball game, the commentator can display visually the defensive shift by tapping on the new players' location on his iPad, illustrating clearly how, why and where the players moved to.

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