Sports Enhancements

MVP provides fast preparation of captivating sports highlight clips to better visualize critical plays, the flow of the game, and post-game analysis.

MVP can be deployed for any type of sport, even golf, baseball or ice hockey where field lines are minimal or non-existent. MVP can be used for live productions or highlight shows, from either the OB VAN or the studio, and supports up to 32 different cameras without camera or lens modifications.

Diversity of enhancements
MVP provides an unprecedented amount of enhancement features including: tied to the field 3D drawings (arrows, markers, areas and many more), measurements of distance and speed, magnifier to zoom in on controversial plays, and drawing trajectories of the players’ movements on the field and of the ball’s movement in the air. In addition to the more traditional enhancement tools, MVP also offers virtual camera flights between two real cameras, viewing a play as it is drawn on the coach’s drawing board comparing the position and technique of individual athletes, drawing a specific player in colour on top of a black and white background, and breaking down a play into a sequence of frames to better analyze the player’s movements.
All the different features can be combined to create an even more powerful effect.

"I-Fly" effect
The I-Fly effect is designed to create a flying camera view between two real camera views. With its advanced computer algorithm, this spectacular effect creates the in between frames that complete the camera’s flight. Unlike similar effects seen before, graphic arrow and highlights can be added to the enhanced scene for play analysis.

Run by Run (RBR) effect
RBR is the latest way to present the movements of the players on the field. With RBR, only the desired player continues to move while the others in the frame are frozen in place. RBR enables the viewers to focus on a specific player and his path.

The effect can be created easily in the RBR wizard, enabling the operator to pick the player/players or area he wants to focus on in only a few clicks. Anything not chosen will automatically freeze.

Flow Motion
MVP’s Flow Motion feature allows a chronoscopic display of the selected objects during the replay of a key event. Flow Motion can be used on any type of object: it can display the movement of a long or high jumper before and during the jump, a player’s path during a football game, mark the position of a tennis player when hitting the ball, or highlight two basketball players running a pick and roll. The extracted images can be animated to different positions on the screen, and can be combined with any of the graphic highlight features.

The Eraser effect is another very effective and visual way to get your audience to focus on a specific player or players without the distractions of the other players on the field by allowing the user to simply remove plays from the pitch and play the video without the erased players.

The Freezer effect is similar to the Eraser effect but instead of erasing the players, the user has the option to freeze them

Drawing “what if” scenarios
“What if” scenarios can be easily created by dragging the players’ images to various positions on the field and by drawing optional and actual passes, as well as running path possibilities in order to offer alternative tactics.

"Muybridge" effect
MVP users can uniquely analyze key frames of fast pace action, such as; the pitcher’s throw in baseball, the golfer’s swing, or a block made by the running back in American football, within seconds.
The Muybridge effect allows the user to break down a play into a sequence of frames to better analyze the actions.

The Red Coat effect
One of the biggest difficulties commentators face is getting the viewers to focus on a specific player in a crowded field. The Red Coat effect was designed exactly for this. With the Red Coat effect, the background is coloured in black and white, leaving only a specific player or players in colour. This enhancement can be combined with all the other graphic tools provided by MVP to offer an even stronger effect.

Bird’s View - free camera movement manipulator
The Bird’s View feature allows every enhanced clip to be viewed as a full graphic clip from a virtual camera positioned from above, providing a unique visualization and a better understanding of the play. Using the video insertion capability, the user can add a video layer, providing a Bird’s View and the actual clip at the same time.
The camera manipulator allows the play to be viewed from the virtual camera’s position and is controlled by the operator.

Player point of view
Similarly, the player’s point of view feature allows the play to be viewed from the point of view of one of the players on the pitch, a referee or even the ball. Switching between different points of view is also possible.

MVP's hyperzoom feature allows a tighter zoom than the original camera zoom enabling the viewer to see if the call was right or wrong. The hyperzoom tool is dynamic and can follow the play rather than be limited to a single frame.

The Difference Maker
The Difference Maker feature takes two video sequences shot in different times on the same field and presents them together as if the two events happened simultaneously. This is a great tool to compare the technique, movement and position of athletes. It could be used to compare the technique of two high jumpers, long jumpers or divers, or to compare the speed, position and skiing paths of two downhill skiers, showing the position of one skier compared to the current leader.

Real 3D trajectories
In addition to drawing on the field, MVP allows the user to draw real 3D trajectories of the path of the ball traveling in the air and optionally drawing the shadow of this path on the ground.

The "revolver"
The revolver tool is the perfect tool to analyze the game’s pattern, by running several play enhancements, one after the other. In tennis it can show where the aces went to, in football it can display the paths of all missed shots, and in basketball it can present the pattern of a certain player, throwing again and again from the same spot.

3D tracked telestrator
With a big LCD touch screen installed as part of the studio setup or a small touch screen next to the commentator in the venue, MVP‘s tracked telestration unit changes the viewer’s experience and enriches the talent’s ability to better convey his analysis of the game.

As oppose to conventional Telestrators which provide crude, hand drawn scribbles only on a static frame and do not allow drawing on the moving video, MVP delivers a “Tracked Telestrator” which provides viewers with a visual explanation of how a major event progressed, the key players involved, the play’s strategy, etc. When using the MVP telestrator, graphics are drawn on the field and not on the screen and therefore do not require erasing before playing the video, unlike conventional telestrators.
The telestrator application also allows the commentator to control the video and can be combined with MVP drawings to create an even more impressive effect.

iPad telestration
One of the problems of studio telestration is that commentators do not face the camera while drawing. MVP’s touch telestrator application solves this by providing commentators with the option to draw on an iPad and thereby face the camera while drawing. Multiple iPads can be used and drawings can be made simultaneously on the touch screen and the iPads. This allows commentators to present offense/ defense simulations, with one commentator drawing optional movements of one team while the other draws the reaction of the other team, as if they were two chess players.

Sponsorship options
Unlike other systems, MVP does not limit the user to a pre-defined set of graphics, and allows him to easily adjust the existing graphics and create new ones. As result, the user can place any kind of virtual ad on the field, thereby increasing his ROI.

Powerful tracking engine
Relying on Orad’s patented image analysis technology, MVP generates camera tracking information based on the analysis of the video’s image. This eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming camera modifications and provides unprecedented flexibility and cost savings. Unlike other image based tracking engines, MVP does not require visible lines. Only two points are needed to be marked and therefore almost any image can be tracked.
This allows MVP to track the camera when there is snow on the pitch or when the pitch is muddy.

Support for spider/fly cams
Spider/fly cameras provide a great view for tactical analysis but often cannot be used because they are not static cameras. With its fly cam module, MVP can uniquely track flying cameras, allowing object tracking arrows and players’ highlights while the cameras move.

Customizable graphic look
Broadcasters can use their own graphic elements or choose from elements available within the platform, including: the player’s name, a glow, trajectories, highlights arrows, stats, etc. With simple key frames, the graphic element follows the tracked object as the play progresses.
Based on Orad's 3Designer authoring software, MVP provides full design capabilities for 2D/3D graphics and animations, and imports 3D objects from 3D Max and Maya.
With MVP's embedded chroma key, the graphic elements can be keyed over the playing field or drawn as foreground elements.

Flexible workflow
The MVP system can be used for multiple purposes: both in live productions in the truck to produce game clips and also as a powerful tool for studio highlight shows.

Fast clip preparation for live events
MVP has a proven track record when used in the truck during live sports events particularly because of its fast clips preparation capabilities. Preparing a MVP clip takes between seconds to a few minutes (depending on the complexity of the clip) and as result clips can be prepared and shown on air during the game itself. For example, during a football game an average of 20 MVP clips can be prepared.

Highlight shows
Since MVP can enhance any kind of sport from any camera without the need to actually be in the venue itself, it is the perfect tool for studio highlight shows.

PlayMaker - integrated ingest and playout solution
Integrated with the optional Orad PlayMaker slow motion video server, MVP is a self contained solution which does not require the production to tie valuable ingest and playout channels for the clips’ enhancements. PlayMaker can be provided with up to 7 ingest channels and 1 playout channel, allowing MVP to cover and enhance the game from multiple angles and views. When reloading a saved clip project, MVP will automatically re-cue PlayMaker for the relevant time code and camera view.

Simple 1, 2, 3 wizard interface
1. Track
MVP tracks in real-time the pan, tilt, zoom, and focus of the different cameras, enabling graphics to be tied to the field, providing tracking for any kind of sport, regardless of field type, colours, or lack of visible field lines.

2. Create
With Orad’s drag-and-drop graphic user interface, objects are moved by jogging the video server, thereby creating animation key frames which the system turns into real-time, smooth animation.

3. Play
Based on the video time code, MVP will automatically regenerate the relevant graphic elements’ animations each time the video is played, and will auto deactivate them at the end of each clip.

MVP is designed to address the fast turnaround required for live sports broadcasts. Enhanced clips take only a few seconds to be produced, making them available for second or third replays. Elaborate clips can be used coming in and out of commercials, for game breaks, TV time outs, half-time reports, and analysis shows.

Key features

  • Ideal for both live events and highlight shows
  • Fast clip preparation for live events
  • Can be applied to any type of sporting event
  • Many advanced enhancement features
  • Touch screen and iPad operation
  • Based on image analysis, does not require camera modifications or special cameras
  • Supports up to 32 different cameras
  • Supports spider/fly cams
  • Library of ready-made graphic assets
  • Real-time rendering
  • Powerful 3D designs - allows creating unique graphics to emphasis brand identity
  • Sponsorship options – can add both virtual ads on the field and sponsorship logos on the screen
  • HD/ SD compatible
  • Embedded chroma and linear keys
  • Full integration with Orad's PlayMaker slow motion video server

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