Virtual Studio

BlueSet, Orad's multi format virtual set solution, offers a new look and feel to any type of production, from weather segments to financial and sport shows.

Simple to use and powerful
With BlueSet, even the smallest of chroma key areas in a conventional studio can be turned into a complete 3D tracked environment. BlueSet is compact, easy to operate and maintain with true plug and play capabilities.

Designed to address the dynamic needs of today's productions, it allows the loading of multiple sets, which can be switched with a click of a button.

Dynamic architecture
BlueSet implements a unique dynamic scene blending architecture. This architecture allows triggering of multiple numbers of graphic scenes at the same time using the same system. For example, the virtual background can be generated from one scene while foreground objects such as lower third and tickers can be generated from an additional scene. Both can be then combined into one unified output channel even though generated from independent scenes, providing a total graphic solution.

BlueSet can work as a standalone system, or can be seamlessly integrated into a larger solution. Data can be pumped from external databases or entered locally, a local preview window is available, generating playlists is instantaneous, and last minute modifications are easy to make. BlueSet can also work with ENPS, iNews, or Dalet newsroom systems.

BlueSet takes advantage of Orad's 3Designer authoring tool. 3Designer is a Windows based, intuitive and simple to use authoring software for creating state of the art, real time, 3D graphics, and animations.

Full range of tracking technologies
As the world leader and patent holder for the majority of virtual studios and camera tracking technologies, Orad offers a full range of solutions that address any production need or budget. BlueSet can utilize either the Pattern Recognition tracking system or CamTrack for free camera movement.

Similar in nature to bar code technology, Orad's Pattern Recognition tracking solution utilizes traditional blue or green screen chroma key techniques. By adding grid lines of a similar blue or green hue onto the blue/green backdrop, the system can easily recognize and process the overlaid information by reading the video signal, however these grid lines are completely removed in the chroma key process and camera position while the parameters are extracted from the video signal itself.

With BlueSet, no physical sensors are required, set up time is minimal, and a time consuming calibration process is not required.

When used with Orad's CamTrack infrared system, camera movement is available within the studio space. Two infrared cameras track the studio's cameras, They are equipped with emitters enabling the studio cameras' horizontal, depth and height to be calculated, while the orientation (the pan, tilt and roll) is calculated using Pattern Recognition.

BlueSet supports all types of broadcast cameras, lenses and tripods. Multiple camera configurations are easily integrated with no reliance on 3rd party technologies.

Incredible number of video insertions and video clips
A key factor for a successful virtual studio production is the ability to integrate live streams of video and clips into the virtual studio. Based on Orad's HDVG+, BlueSet rises to the challenge, providing 12 video insertions in SD and HD. BlueSet runs on Orad's HDVG+ rendering platform. Additionally, BlueSet allows mapping video clips on any element within the virtual studio. Avi, MPEG, DV, DVC25, Quick Time and other commonly used formats are fully supported and multiple clips can be played at the same time. It is possible to mix between video streams and video clips, as well as mix HD and SD inputs, as all HD formats are supported.

Key Features

  • Ideal solution for weather segments, sports and financials corners
  • Multi format compatible
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Based on Orad's Pattern Recognition tracking system
  • Quick and easy calibration and set up
  • Embedded chroma and linear key
  • Supports Orad's multi-platform HDVG3 and HDVG4 video rendering engines
  • Last minute updates and modification
  • Utilizes 3Designer-authoring software for creating stunning 3D graphics with minimal effort
  • Seamless integration with all major newsroom and automation systems (MOS compliant)
  • Instantaneous creation of playlists and easy control over last minute modifications
  • Easy creation of DVE effects
  • Capable of importing 3D models, textures, flipbooks and animations from non-real time 3D software

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