Interactive Graphics

Traditionally, presenters could only influence on-screen content with simple triggers that advanced the content like a slide show. Orad’s Interact enables television presenters to control and direct the content on their touch screens, video walls and other input devices, helping them engage with their viewers.

Interact supports single, dual and multi touch displays from many manufacturers, allowing broadcasters to choose the device that best suits their production’s style and budget.

With Interact, the presenter has unlimited capabilities, as it supports countless gestures including; rotating, scaling, moving, dragging, tapping, holding, drawing, highlighting, etc.

Thanks to Interact, presenters can touch objects on screen and trigger different events within the graphic’s templates. The interactive elements can give feedback to the presenter when activated by changing colour, flashing, etc, depending on the context of the scene.

Interactive elements can also possess physical properties such as mass and inertia, giving a new level of feedback to the interactive graphics.

Flexible environment
Interact’s flexible workflow integrates with real and virtual studios seamlessly. The interactivity of the broadcast’s graphics can be easily developed thanks to Orad’s 3Designer authoring software, which enables broadcasters to define which elements of the scene are interactive and what interactions are allowed for them. Once the interactions are defined, each object can be set to respond to the presenters’ taps and holds with a unique action. This could be a simple data update to the content, a transition to a different menu item, or to draw a line on screen. Additionally, a simple layer of logic can be added to allow the graphics to have different states according to where the presenter ‘is’ during the production freeing the presenter to tell the story.

Existing templates can easily become interactive as the entire workflow for enabling interactivity takes only a few minutes to carry out.

Interact maintains the existing graphic creation workflow, and does not require programming or scripting. As soon as interactive objects are touched, the controller responds by triggering actions in the production. This allows users to build and maintain regular productions, adding interactivity only to the elements that require it.

Interact is ideal for any type of production, including; sports, elections, morning shows, weather, news, etc. With Interact, the presenter can control the flow of the production without waiting for someone in production to change the graphics. In an election broadcast, for example, the presenter can independently choose to discuss a particular party, present its standings and its key representatives with a single touch.

OradTouch - Interact using iPad
The OradTouch application enables presenters to interact with the graphics using their iPad and control the content and flow of production while moving around the production space freely. OradTouch provides true multi touch capabilities: several presenters can manipulate objects on screen and trigger different events within the graphic’s templates simultaneously and independently. While the presenter is interacting with the graphics, there is real time video feedback to the iPad screen, providing the presenter with reference to the graphics he is interacting with. The OradTouch application can be used to control interactive graphics on any display that is connected to Orad’s HDVG+, enabling broadcasters to use their existing HD screen, video wall, LED wall, projector displays, etc. (To download the OradTouch application, please click here)

Web browser interface
With Interact’s web browser interface, presenters are able to richly illustrate productions with content from any website. While on-air, the presenter can display and interact with live pages from his browser, including Facebook, YouTube, news websites, etc. Interact’s web browser interface supports all Window’s based browsers.

Dual channel output
Orad’s HDVG platform provides a dual-channel output; one output is sent to the touch device that the presenter is using, showing the complete interactive scene; the second output shows a cut-out section enlarged to full screen, so that user-interface elements are not shown. During the production when cutting to full screen output, the users see just the story elements that are the focus of the production.

Interactivity in virtual studios
Orad’s unique technology allows the introduction of interactive surfaces into virtual studio environments. With Interact, the presenter interacts directly with a traditional touch screen where he can view the content; the viewer at home sees only the presenter interacting with the on-screen graphics.

The creation and the controller preparations are identical to the preparations of “standard” interactive graphics, with the touch screen being “dressed up” in either green or blue colour which are keyed out and become transparent during production. The interactive scene that is rendered on the touch screen is coloured in blue or green as well so while it is visible to the presenter, it is keyed out during production.

The presenter then interacts with the scene rendered on the touch screen, which executes commands via Orad’s controller to another scene that displays the final graphics results as part of the virtual set.

Touch screens
Orad has adopted an agnostic approach to interactive device support, offering support for many manufacturers and devices, for example U-Touch, Primeview, primeTouch, iPad, radarTOUCH and any TUIO enabled device. This gives studios the flexibility to use the devices that best suit their presenters, production requirements and budget.

Interact Key Features:

  • Presenters can interact with objects using a variety of gestures
  • Presenters can directly manipulate objects on screen, moving, scaling and rotating
  • Objects have inertia and physical properties
  • Interact can be used for conventional and virtual studios
  • Interactivity is easily integrated into the existing production workflow
  • Supports a wide variety of interactive devices and protocols
  • OradTouch dedicated iPad application for interactivity with true multi touch capabilities

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