Augmented Reality

3D graphic objects produced by RealSet remain tied to their exact position in the studio regardless of camera motion, creating the illusion that those graphical elements are an integral part of the production. The inserted graphics are introduced as a foreground layer of graphics and therefore no chroma keying process takes place.

RealSet is the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor productions, providing captivating graphics for news, game shows, financial, and special events (election coverage, music shows, sports events) where complex graphics help enhance the quality of the program. Product placement is another area where RealSet can substantially increase the production's look and feel.

Complete content control
Unlike conventional graphics that are displayed in screen coordinates, RealSet offers new dimensions of interactivity between the presenter and the graphics. The presenter can interact with the inserted graphics objects, events can be simulated in real-time in the studio, and exciting shots are easily produced. The inserted 3D graphics are rendered in real-time, ensuring a perfect and accurate perspective of the object within the studio.

Immersing videos
In addition to inserting 3D graphics into the studio, RealSet offers the unique capability of inserting multiple video streams and video clips into the scenery. Using video to texture mapping technology, the inserted videos are mapped onto any of the objects in the scene by simply dragging and dropping the video onto the object. Using that technology, virtual screens, such as LCDs or plasmas, can be inserted into the studio and huge video monitors can be animated from the studio floor and placed anywhere within the studio.

RealSet supports a variety in video streams that can be inserted into the production, offering 16 different full resolution insertions in SD/HD and 12 in 3G. In addition, RealSet can play and integrate into the studio multiple video clips supporting all commonly used file formats such as AVI, Quick Time, DV, DV25, and MPEG. Inserting the videos does not add additional delay to the system and a negligible two frames delay is the total delay of the system, with or without the incoming video feeds.

Outdoor productions
RealSet enables broadcasters to position themselves as innovative and creative. Thanks to its extremely accurate camera tracking, RealSet can superimpose 3D graphics and videos anywhere outside of the studio. The graphics can be mapped on buildings, rivers or any other object in the environment. RealSet can simulate any object by placing it as if it was always there.

Powerful performance
RealSet implements an intuitive drag and drop operation. All graphic elements are generated by Orad's award winning 3Designer authoring application. A powerful importing module allows direct imports of 3D objects along with their geometry, textures and animation from modeling software like 3D Studio Max, directly into 3Designer. Each graphic element in the template can be easily associated with the studio camera tracking information. Once associated, the tracking information that is generated by sensor tracking technology ensures that the inserted object remains tied to its position in the studio regardless of the camera's motion. The operator retains full control of the scale, position angle and all other parameters of the inserted object.

Leveraging from Orad's unique dynamic scene blending capabilities, multiple scenes can be loaded and triggered at the same time by RealSet. Such functionality allows RealSet to control and trigger standard non-tracked graphics such as lower third, full frames or tickers. RealSet, in conjunction with the tracked graphics elements, provides a total graphic solution.

Integrated workflow
During production, RealSet relies on Orad's advanced Maestro/3DPlay controllers to provide tools for managing the entire production process. Maestro offers immediate access to external databases, embedded preview windows, and playlists, which are instantly created and which support last minute modifications and changes. 3DPlay offers a flexible controller, which enables the user to introduce non-sequential logic and rules to the branded graphics, as well as interactivity.

RealSet can operate as standalone or as part of a larger system and can offer seamless integration to all major newsroom and automation systems such as ENPS, Avid's iNEWS, OCTOPUS, Dalet, and Control Air.

Product placement
With the growing popularity of systems that detect and erase commercial breaks, RealSet offers an alternative channel for generating advertisement and sponsorships revenues. With RealSet, commercials are inserted into the studio and become an integral part of the production, thereby eliminating the possibility of being erased.

Unique tracking integration
Orad's camera tracking technologies integrate with a variety of camera tracking solutions to meet all production needs and budgets. Orad offers integration with its own camera tracking solutions such as Opto-Mechanical Sensors (sensor heads/Pedestals), Xync infrared system, Camera Robotic heads and sensorized cranes.

RealSet Key Features

  • The perfect illustration tool for elections, news, sports, weather, business and game shows
  • Seamless insertion of tied-to-the-floor 3D graphics, videos and animation into a conventional studio
  • Supports multi camera productions
  • Supports multiple controller applications
  • Ideal for studio and outdoor production
  • Supports up to 16 full resolution SD/HD or 12 in 3G
  • Dual power supply and laptop hard drives for maximum redundancy
  • Multiple video insertions with DVE effects capabilities
  • Scalable system, which provides a basic configuration with easy upgrade path by adding more components
  • Last minute updates and modification
  • Utilizes 3Designer authoring software for creating stunning 3D graphics with minimal effort
  • Interfaces with a series of newsroom and automation systems for seamless integration within existing workflows
  • Quick and easy setup and calibration process
  • Minimal 2 frames delay
  • Fully featured operator preview

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