Virtual Studio in a Box

Virtual Studio in a Box

Turnkey Virtual Studio Production

Virtual Studio in a Box is Orad's turnkey multi camera virtual studio production system which consolidates all production elements, including; video switcher, chromakeyer, high end performance virtual studio, and on air graphics. The solution is integrated into a single user interface allowing a single operator to control the entire production. Virtual Studio in a Box can be integrated with many types of tracking systems including Robotics and mechanical sensor based tracking heads and Orad's Xync infra-red camera tracking.

A complete integrated virtual studio solution
Virtual Studio in a Box consolidates all main production elements including:

  • Director's composited program / preview output

Composited output of the program and the preview of the coming next camera along with the virtual studio background are generated by the Virtual Studio in a Box. Virtual Studio in a Box offers a constant allowing the director to view the entire production.

  • Camera cuts

A built in video switcher enables the user to cut between the different cameras negating the need for an external production switcher.

  • Consolidates all production content

With Virtual Studio in a Box, the user can control all production content from the virtual studio backgrounds, on air graphics, videos, transitions, effects and animations.

  • Integrated camera tracking solution

Virtual Studio in a Box supports variety of camera tracking solutions and includes an embedded video delay which offers a constant and minimal two frame delay synchronizing the graphics with the camera's movements.

  • Innovative embedded chromakeyer for up to 8 x video signals, providing a unique built in user interface for matching the background graphics with the foreground elements.

Virtual Studio in a Box's Core
Virtual Studio in a Box is based on Orad's HDVG4 platform. The HDVG4 offers up to 16 video inputs. Those videos inputs can be used for studio cameras and other video sources that are fed into the system. If required, an interface to different video matrixes is available in order to further increase the number of sources that could be routed into the system. Additionally, the system supports two output channels, one for program out and the other for the coming next camera. To further enhance the solution, the system is also equipped with an embedded video clip engine allowing to playback multiple HD video clips in a wide range of codecs and wrappers.

Designing the virtual set
Virtual Studio in a Box relies on Orad's 3Designer authoring software for creation all relevant graphics. In addition, assets including all 2D and 3D elements, can be imported to 3Designer in all types of formats (jpg, tga, png, PhotoShop including layers) from common software packages (3DSMax, Maya, Cinema4D, etc) using VRML or Collada. The graphic designers can define the look and feel of the graphics with 3Designer, and decide which parameters will be updatable (exports) in the production stage by offering logic and relations between different elements in the graphics scene.

Live production controller
Leveraging on Orad's vast production experience, Virtual Studio in Box provides complete control over multi-camera productions from its dedicated multi-faceted user interface. Able to connect cameras, different live feeds, external and internal video sources, it enables users to control the entire live production. During production, the user is able to manipulate all aspects of the workflow including executing background and foreground graphics, control over camera cuts (without requiring a switcher), monitoring the camera's tracking, adjusting the chromakeying parameters while on air, triggering video content, and more.

Internal Infuse chromakey
Virtual Studio in a Box's embedded Infuse chromakey offers a broadcast quality user interface with easy-to-use tools to quickly and precisely adjust both chroma and linear keys. The feature-rich Infuse user interface is composed of drop-down menus, colour picker, adjustment sliders, and other exacting controls designed for quick and precise image manipulation. Based on Infuse, Virtual Studio in a Box allows automatic camera preset recall based on camera cuts and semi-transparent objects, enabling changes to camera presets during production.

Camera Tracking

Virtual Studio in a Box supports all tracking system and enables seamless integration with Mechanical Sensor and Orad's Xync infrared free tracking, as well as robotic and crane solutions. The system captures the tracking data and matches the camera's movements together with the background graphics. Based on Orad's unique tracking capabilities, the system offers minimal setup time and calibration, as well as a minimal two video frames delay. During production, tracking data is applied to the all cameras enabling the option to select the tracked camera with its background tracking to be switched on. Once tracked, the data is sent directly to the HDVG4 rendering platform, creating a perfect match between the real and the virtual worlds.

Consolidating workflows
Virtual Studio in a Box integrates with all commonly used newsroom systems and with Orad's playout server solution. By integrating with newsroom systems, journalists can access graphic templates and publish them to the newsroom rundown playout. Fully animated preview, including animations and dynamic data, are visible to the journalists to facilitate their reports.
Combining the video server offers multiple channel playout. When integrated with newsroom systems, journalists are able to control both graphics and videos that appear in their reports, thereby enriching the production.

Key Features:

  • Turnkey solution- Fast deployment of production - no additional 3rd party products (switcher, external chromakey, etc)
  • Intuitive workflow production functionality including single operator control
  • On-screen program & preview configuration – shows the current and upcoming video output
  • Based on a single HDVG4 with 16x 1080i inputs
  • Powerful, built-in, real-time switcher control for all camera inputs and videos
  • Complete chromakey user interface including automatic camera presets and camera recalls based on camera cuts
  • Supports all tracking system including mechanical sensors & Xync infrared camera tracking
  • Built in "Depth of Field" capability
  • Built in clip player for easy clip storage and playback
  • Offers complete newsroom integration
  • Can be integrated with Orad's playout server solution for live to tape production
  • Direct ISO output from each camera

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