Channel in a Box

Blend is Orad's HD/SD file based "channel in a box" solution that provides video playout coupled with real time branding graphics. Blend is a high quality, cost effective solution that is set to address today's broadcast workflow challenges.

Blend consists of two independent modules; the file based video server which is responsible for playing the clips, producing a constant SDI output. The second module is the graphics engine, which produces real time, 2D /3D graphics with the ability to combine two other live video insertions. Both modules are controlled from the same user interface thus dramatically reducing the operational costs as well as the system's foot print in the facility.

Video playback
The Blend video server supports playback of all commonly used file formats and codecs including MPEG 2, MPEG 4, DNxHD, DVCPRO HD, DV 25/50, IMX and wrappers such as MXF, MPEG and Quick Time. The clips are copied to Blend's local storage without disturbing the current playout. The clips playback could be triggered either internally with Blend's playlist or from external automation using standard VDCP protocol. SD and HD clips can be combined into a single playlist.

Blend is a frame accurate system which supports back to back clip playback, by allowing several clips to be cued, thereby providing frame accurate playout capabilities.

Blend supports 608 and 708 SMPTE close caption standards, along with OP 47 and teletex.
Blend is a highly scalable solution that enables to increase the amount of channels quickly and easily. Blend's setup can start from a single channel and can gradually increase to a multi-channel setup by merely adding additional Blend playout systems.

Graphics playout
Based on Orad's graphic legacy, Blend offers real time graphics playout. Blend is a native 3D solution which offers a stunning graphic look. All commonly used graphic elements such as tickers, lower thirds, full frames, animated logos are supported and smart logic can be easily introduced to graphics without the need for scripting or programming. The video server's output can be fed back to the graphics engine, enabling video manipulations. This is commonly used in end credits, squeeze backs, etc. In addition, live video inputs can be inserted into the graphic scene to be used as Digital Video Effects as well as video clips. Data can be pumped into the graphic templates from external databases supporting all commonly used database formats Blend can query the relevant scheduling playlist and its associated data from different databases. By doing so, the "playing now "and the "coming up next" information can be updated with the relevant graphics template.

Embedded audio capabilities
Blend supports 16 channels (8 pairs) of embedded audio which can be mixed with additional inputs and with audio clip files to a single output. The user has full control over the volume level, cross fading and other embedded audio features.

Robust hardware
Blend is based on Orad's proven platform, providing maximum performance and reliability. The video clips are stored on configured RAID disks that can be set as RAID protected. Blend offers a fully redundant solution, with hot swappable power supplies, mechanical and software bypass.

Blend's playlist are used to control the channel by providing extensive playlist capabilities, enabling the operators to edit and run playlists with primary and secondary events. Both video and branded graphics are controlled from the playlist. Typically videos are treated as primary events while graphic as secondary events, allowing the user to place an offset between the two. Blend also enables primary events to include "tied" events, which can be assigned to other devices such as; routers, GPIs, and more.

In addition to media clips and graphics, live sources can also be scheduled, enabling the playlist to execute a cut or graphic transition between clips to live sources.

Playlist creation
Using Blend's standalone playlist mediator, the user can create playlists offline. The operator can easily drag and drop clips into the scheduled playlist. He can also populate graphic templates with data, preview it, and schedule it to the same playlist.
The playlist mediator can also be used as a mediator for converting third party traffic playlists into Blend's playlist format.

Media Management
Blend can integrate with Orad's iFind Media Management , providing file ingest, search, workflow and management functionalities, such as archiving, clip movement, transcode, segment creation, and deletion. iFind provides fully automatic media movement from the central storage to Blend's local storages. Based on the loaded playlist, a message regarding missing media is sent to iFind, which starts the copying process of the missing clips to the relevant Blend storage.
Once Blend's storage reaches its maximum threshold, iFind will commence deleting files no longer required, according to predefined rules.

Key features:

  • Playback of HD/SD video clips in different formats / codecs
  • Back to back different format video clips playback
  • Graphics are based on Orad's powerful graphics solution
  • Allows squeeze backs over credits
  • Support live video inputs and clips as part of the branding graphics
  • Frame accurate clips playback
  • Based a single user interface controlling video and graphics
  • Internal automation mode for automatic playback
  • Fully synchronized playback between the server and the graphics

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