How can you sell more? How can you attract more customers? How to improve your home & product pages? Use these amazing ecommerce websites design tips!


You’ve successfully selected and ecommerce website builder (we hope you’ve chosen Shopify as it is one of the best on the market) and you have built your first ecommerce store. Not satisfied with the sale?

Don’t worry as we have some great ecommerce websites design tips on how to improve your home and product pages:

  • Show your address and your opening hours: You need to make sure all of your contact details are visible by placing them in the footer or header of every page of your website. This shouldn’t prevent you from having an “About us” page where this information will be repeated.
  • The categories should be located at the top of the page: The online users hate to search for important information. We recommend you to define your categories and place them on the homepage of your website. If you want your visitors and potential buyers to understand what you offer, you may create a slideshow that visitors could scroll through and check out the most popular products of your latest additions.
  • Highlight your advantages: If you are proud of your impeccable service, don’t be shy and highlight your competitive advantage. A good strategy is to highlight your best sides by displaying them on your main page. The idea here is for your visitors to understand why it is better for them to purchase from you and not from your competitors.
  • Add customer comments and testimonials: The savvy online purchasers search for reviews before they decide to make any kind of purchase. For 90% of the online purchasers, an online review is more important than sales professional. By adding customer comments and testimonials, you can reassure your visitors that you are a reliable and transparent company.
  • Encourage your visitors: If you want to make a great first impression, we recommend you to add encouragement words to your customers before they make a purchase. For example, you can congratulate them as they add products to their shopping cart or you can thank them after they have purchased the items.

Find an ecommerce website builder that will allow you and help you improve your home and product page. Ecommerce solution Shopify is an excellent choice. Check it out!